Saturday, May 19, 2007

Placement and Presentation of Google's AdSense

There are several methods for the placement and presentation of Google's AdSense in your blog or website. For the New Version of Blogger you can Add a Page Element or copy and paste the HTML AdSense code directly into your template. You will find step-by-step instructions for using each of these methods.
  • Adding AdSense using Page Elements
  • Place Google AdSense at top of Post
  • Place Google AdSense at Bottom of Post
  • Wrap Text Around Google AdSense
  • Place Google AdSense in the Middle of Post
  • Place Google AdSense Between Posts
Adding a Page Element to copy and paste your HTML AdSense code and arrange the ads to be at the top, bottom or sidebar of your blog is outlined here at Copy and Paste Google AdSense

Placing your ads within and at the top of your post in the New Version of Blogger is outlined here at Placing Google AdSense at top of Post

Placing your ads within and at the bottom of your post in the New Version of blogger is outlined here at Placing Google AdSense at Bottom of Post

Wrapping text around your Google AdSense is also another fun way to present useful ads to your readers and this is outlined here at Wrapping Text Around Google's AdSense

Place your ads in the middle of your post is a new experiment and working very well, give it a try Place AdSense in the Middle of Post

Placing your ads between posts after comments in the New Version of Blogger is outlined here at Placing Google AdSense Between Your Posts

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Increase the Variety of Google Ads to Increase Revenue

Increasing the variety of Google Ads to increase revenue can be done by keeping your filter list small. Many times we have we seen Google Ads that didn't match with our content and we are very quick to filter them out. However, since Google Ads are highly targeted to the content of your pages, take a closer look at the keywords you are using to attrack more targeted Google Ads.

Blocking specific Ads from appearing on your site if they are your competitors or companies ethics you do not agree with is one thing, that's what filtering is for. After reading what Google and JenSense have to say about the filter list, you will understand the importance of keeping your filter list small. I have seen a difference in my revenue and I challenge you to try this experiment for yourself. Please check back and share your results with others.

While filtering is a quick and easy way to prevent unwanted ads from being displayed, keep in mind that filtering decreases the number of ads that can appear, thereby decreasing your potential earnings as well. In order to increase the variety of ads served to your pages and to make the most of every opportunity for additional revenue, try removing URLs from your filter list as stated in Google AdSense Support

Is your Filter List actually hurting your bottom line?

Jennifer Slegg at JenSense "Making Sense of Contextual Advertising" has a great article and suggests to:

First, take your filter list and paste it into a text file and save it. Then go and delete the entire thing out of your filter URL list in your account. Yes, the entire thing. You can go add selected URLs back into it, but ONLY the ones you are using to block competitors or unethical companies.

After a few hours, you should begin to see some new ads show up on your site. For AdSense you can use the AdSense ad viewing tool if you are outside of the geotargeted area the majority of your audience is in, since the tool also takes into account the filter list. Try and resist the knee jerk reaction to automatically go and put those "irrelevant" ad URLs back into the filter, because that one URL could also be responsible for higher paying ads that appear on your site.
Don't forget AdSense & YPN are in it to make money too - they are going to show the highest paying ads available for the keywords it has selected for each individual page. The more the advertiser pays, the more both you and AdSense/YPN earn. It doesn't benefit them to show the ads worth the least amount of money, so blocking ads because you think they pay too low is a mistake (especially since again, you could be blocking all their highly targeted and high paying ads from your site as well.)

Watch your stats over the next several days - preferably over weekdays and over a non-holiday week, since other factors (such as advertisers lowering bids for weekends and holidays, or pausing campaigns all together) can have an impact that is not related to your filter list at all.

Did your CTR go up?

Did your CPM go up?

And most importantly, did your bottom line increase?
Hopefully, you should see your earnings increase with the reduction of URLs on your filter list.

How to Remove 'Advertise on This Site' link from AdSense Ads

Increase your CTR by removing the 'Advertise on this site' from Google AdSense Ads. I have been experimenting with this and I have seen a difference. Try it, you might agree.
  • Login to Google AdSense Account
  • Click on My Account Tab
  • Edit Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up
  • Scroll down almost to the bottom of page and take the check off Subscription
  • Save Changes
This could take up to 24-48 hours

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Top 10 Lists of Tips and Tricks

Many times when I see a top 10 list of tips and tricks, I will just scan through them quickly. When I go back later, somehow I had missed something very simple and I'm sure you have done the same thing. In the following post you will see 10 Steps to Increase Your Page Views and this will take you through 10 steps one at a time for a couple reasons.
  • It will give you a moment to stop and think about what you have just read
  • It will give you time to evaluate what methods you are using to improve your page views
Are you implementing some or all of these ideas on your blog or website? Share with others what methods you are using to increase your revenue using Google's AdSense.

Increased Page View = Increased Revenue

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Increase Your Revenue with Increased Page Views

Increasing Your Page Views will increase your blogs popularity and will also increase your revenue immensely when using Google's AdSense. To understand what a page view is and what it means to you and your blog or website read this definition of Page Views found here on Wikepedia.

A page view (PV) or page impression is a request to load a single page of an Internet site. On the World Wide Web a page request would result from a web surfer clicking on a link on another HTML page pointing to the page in question. This should be contrasted with a hit, which refers to a request for a file from a web server. There may therefore be many hits per page view.

These page views may be counted as part of web analytics. For the owner of the site this information can be useful to see if any change in the page (such as the information or the way it is presented) results in more visits. If there are any advertisements on the page, the advertisers would also be interested in the number of page views to determine their expected revenue from the ads. For this reason it is a term that is used widely for Internet based marketing and advertising.

The number of page views alone will increase your revenue with Google's AdSense since you get paid not only when someone clicks on your Google ads but also per 1000 page views your site receives.

In my next posts I will be sharing tips on how you can increase your page views for your site.
10 Steps to Increase Your Page Views

Increased Page Views = Increased Revenue

Monday, March 5, 2007

Google's AdSense FAQs

Do these sound like questions you have about Google's AdSense that you would like answered before getting involved in participating in this program Google has to offer you as a publisher?
  1. How long has AdSense been going?
  2. How much money can I make from AdSense?
  3. Can anyone sign up to the AdSense program?
  4. What's the difference between AdWords and AdSense?
  5. What other services compete with AdSense?
  6. What fraction of click thru income does Google pay out?
  7. Why did Google launch AdSense?
  8. Is AdSense good or bad?
  9. Do all AdWords ads get included in the AdSense program?
  10. How can I find out how much an AdWords keyword costs?
  11. How can I find out which keywords are worth the most?
  12. Do I have to use AdWords to join AdSense?
  13. Does AdSense participation have any impact on my site's ranking on Google?
  14. I run an enthusiasts site. Could I make any money from AdSense?
  15. Is there a minimum click thru level I have to achieve to stay in AdSense?
  16. How does Google stop people cheating and clicking on ads on their site?
  17. What's the best way of keeping in touch with AdSense developments?
  18. How do I make more money from from AdSense?
To have all these questions answered, read the Facts About Google's Adsense. With these questions answered, you will be better equipped to make the decision if using Google's AdSense is right for you and your site.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Make Money using Google's AdSense

We have all seen the "Ads by Google" on blogs and websites. You are probably wondering if you could really make money with these ads, well the answer is yes! I'm assuming you already have a website or blog, if not sign up for your 'free' Blogger Account.

Google AdSense gives you the opportunity to earn money while writing about something you have passion or knowledge about. Google provides your site with contextual ads that are relevant to your sites content. This means if you write about your favorite topics, i.e gardening, woodworking, vacations, etc, Google will match the advertiser with your keywords and the ads will be targeted to your readers Google's that simple. Keeping in mind that some topics are more profitable than others, this will be for you to decide your niche in the blogosphere.

Remember there is more to making money with Google AdSense then just creating a blog and slapping a bunch of ads on your site. You will need to concentrate on providing sufficient keyword rich content and attrack targeted traffic to your site.

The topics covered here on "Make Money Using Google's AdSense" will include the basics listed below and much more to come. Subcribe to my RSS feed as this will give you the lasted updates for this site.

Keyword Rich Content

Providing sufficient keyword rich content to make money from your blog includes these three steps.
  1. Generate lots of keyword rich content to your blog often, if you are short on time you can always use free articles from various free article directories (my favorite is Ezine Articles).
  2. You will need keywords to attract traffic directly from the search engines to your blog, free articles are already packed full of targeted keywords, just be sure to follow all the Terms of Service when using free articles.
  3. Find valuable AdSense keywords to attract better paying AdSense Ads and use them generously throughout your own content.
Once this is accomplished it's time for you to Attract Targetged Traffic to your site. Remember No Traffic = No Money, so lets get on with the next step to making money using Google's AdSense.

Attracting Targeted Traffic

Attracting targeted traffic is providing quality content that others are searhing for.
  1. Keep your visitors returning to your site by providing interesting and relevant contant. Focus on your particular niche and update often, this will give your readers a reason to bookmark you and return to your site.
  2. Give your readers a clear image of what they will find on your site as this is an invitation for them to navigate around for the topic of interest.
  3. Information should be easily found, have a menu of topics on each page so they can follow through with their search for relevant information. This will increase your page views, which are very important for making money with Google's AdSense.
  4. Participate on forums, submit your site to Directories and leave sincere comments on other blogs in your niche.
  5. Write articles and submit them to article directories as this will give you a link back to your own site when others use your articles.
  6. Ask your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed, this will attract new visitors by sharing headlines and articles with other sites.

Google AdSense Account

You are now ready to open a Google AdSense Account to start making money on your blog or website. You can do this by clicking on the referral button on the sidebar,"Earn money by showing relevant ads with Google AdSense" or clicking on the text link
"Generate revenue from your website using Google AdSense" and then complete the application and submit it to Google for approval. Google will then verify your email address and follow up with you via email within 2-3 days (ususally sooner). When Google approves your site and application, you'll be able to login to your Google AdSense Account and get started right away placing ads on your site. You are now ready to Copy and Paste the HTML JavaScript code into your Page Elements.

Copy and Paste AdSense Code

Login to your Google AdSense Account and click on the Setup Tab and choose between
  • AdSense for content
  • AdSense for search
  • Referrals
You will be walked through each step of the way by clicking the continue button to find the HTML JavaScript code. Now you will need to Copy and Paste this code into your Page Elements.

Your readers will now see relevant Google ads on your site that will further their Google Search in finding useful information. You can't encourage your readers to click on your ads and you won't need to because your ads will be targeted relevant to your content, of course they will check them out to further their search. With that said, make sure you have read the Google's AdSense Policies and adhere to them.

Blogtimize - Optimize Google's AdSense

This "heat map" is only used as a guideline and illustrates the ideal placement of your Google ads.
Blending your ads will increase the likelihood that your readers will see and click on your ads. Draw attention to your ads with bold colors while leaving the background and borders of your ads the same color as the background of your template.

There are a number of choices for the sizes of your ads and there placement, notice other peoples blogs and you'll see what other people prefer. The Format gives you all the choices available to you, also view the options on the Ad Format page. Colors will give you a choice of color for the Border, Title, Background, Text and URL. Choose from one of the pre-designed color palettes, by clicking on the color, you will see it change in front of you on the left hand side of your screen.
  • Header - A popular choice is using a 728 x 60 for the header
  • Body - A popular choice is a 300 x 250 Mediium Rectangle
  • Sidebar - A popular choice is a 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper
You will want to experiment with your ad placement and colors to see what works for you. You can read more here at the Google's AdSense Help Center for ways to Blogtimize and Optimize your Google's AdSense.

Google's AdSense Payment Schedule

Google's AdSense payments are made on a monthly schedule. Once your account reaches $100.00 in any month, you'll receive payment before the end of the following month (provided there are no holds on your account). This Demo of AdSense Payment will make it all very clear to you.