Monday, March 5, 2007

Google's AdSense FAQs

Do these sound like questions you have about Google's AdSense that you would like answered before getting involved in participating in this program Google has to offer you as a publisher?
  1. How long has AdSense been going?
  2. How much money can I make from AdSense?
  3. Can anyone sign up to the AdSense program?
  4. What's the difference between AdWords and AdSense?
  5. What other services compete with AdSense?
  6. What fraction of click thru income does Google pay out?
  7. Why did Google launch AdSense?
  8. Is AdSense good or bad?
  9. Do all AdWords ads get included in the AdSense program?
  10. How can I find out how much an AdWords keyword costs?
  11. How can I find out which keywords are worth the most?
  12. Do I have to use AdWords to join AdSense?
  13. Does AdSense participation have any impact on my site's ranking on Google?
  14. I run an enthusiasts site. Could I make any money from AdSense?
  15. Is there a minimum click thru level I have to achieve to stay in AdSense?
  16. How does Google stop people cheating and clicking on ads on their site?
  17. What's the best way of keeping in touch with AdSense developments?
  18. How do I make more money from from AdSense?
To have all these questions answered, read the Facts About Google's Adsense. With these questions answered, you will be better equipped to make the decision if using Google's AdSense is right for you and your site.

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