Sunday, March 4, 2007

Make Money using Google's AdSense

We have all seen the "Ads by Google" on blogs and websites. You are probably wondering if you could really make money with these ads, well the answer is yes! I'm assuming you already have a website or blog, if not sign up for your 'free' Blogger Account.

Google AdSense gives you the opportunity to earn money while writing about something you have passion or knowledge about. Google provides your site with contextual ads that are relevant to your sites content. This means if you write about your favorite topics, i.e gardening, woodworking, vacations, etc, Google will match the advertiser with your keywords and the ads will be targeted to your readers Google's that simple. Keeping in mind that some topics are more profitable than others, this will be for you to decide your niche in the blogosphere.

Remember there is more to making money with Google AdSense then just creating a blog and slapping a bunch of ads on your site. You will need to concentrate on providing sufficient keyword rich content and attrack targeted traffic to your site.

The topics covered here on "Make Money Using Google's AdSense" will include the basics listed below and much more to come. Subcribe to my RSS feed as this will give you the lasted updates for this site.

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